We are a company made by actors for actors.  At Auditions Delivered we bring the studio to you! Bringing studio quality auditions to your own space where you feel the most comfortable and ready for your performance.  We send out two-man teams for each appointment, assuring you don’t just have the absolute best video quality, but also a dedicated acting coach and reader for your appointment.  We then edit the audition and deliver it to you ready for upload, right in front of you if you desire!  Here at Auditions Delivered, we believe performing an audition is hard enough, delivering it shouldn’t have to be.

What we do:

At Auditions Delivered we make auditioning simple, because performing auditions is
difficult enough, you shouldn’t have to handle the details.  That’s why we have reduced
the audition to three simple steps:

We come to you!
We start with coming to you at an appointed time, equipped and ready setup in any 6×6 space inside your home!
Shoot the audition!
Ready in just a few minutes, we then professionally shoot your audition. We send out two-man teams so that you have a dedicated reader and coach while still getting the highest of quality visuals.
Your audition delivered!
We edit the file to your auditions specifics in front of you and hand off the file, or if you prefer we can even upload your audition for you!

Why choose Auditions Delivered?

Why battle Atlanta traffic when your audition can come to you? At Auditions Delivered we make auditioning simple.  Simply make an appointment and we will handle the set up, coach you through delivery, and even edit and upload the video! You just focus on what you do best, the performance.

Auditioning can be frustrating.  Nailing the exact right beats in the script can sometimes be daunting.  At Auditions Delivered, we know how tough this can be and so with each team, we send an MFA trained acting coach to aid you in your audition. This service comes at no extra cost to you! You just pay for the time it takes to coach you and deliver your audition!

Cutting the audition to fit the casting director’s directions can be difficult.  Navigating the casting websites to submit that audition can be even worse.  At Auditions Delivered, we can handle that for you!  At your request, our team will stay on site with you and until the audition is safely delivered!


Auditions Delivered doesn’t charge for travel within this zone:

In zone pricing is $35 for the first half hour
(beginning from the completion of setup)

+ $25 for each half hour after the first

Outside of zone has the same price plus $0.25 per mile surcharge.

All appointments include quality acting coaching at no extra cost to you!  Have a beat you just can’t seem to get down? Not to worry, an MFA trained actor comes to every appointment to read with you and coach you as much or as little as you need.  This service is included in the pricing for each half hour!

We accept all major forms of credit cards, cash, and money orders!

Discount pricing provided to groups or for multiple auditions.
Inquire now to setup a group audition!

Still Not Convinced?

Why Wait? Contact us now!

Setting up an appointment is easy! Due to the nature of our service and the need for accounting for travel time we are unfortunately unable to provide online automatic availability. To make an appointment, simply fill out the form below with a requested time range that works for you and we will get back to you promptly to set up an appointment!

Our normal hours are M-F 9am-9pm

Last second audition? No Problem! Inquire now about out of hours and weekend availability.